the Ultimate bidet!

Connect it to your sink, toilet, or shower, or spoil yourself with our Warm Water Bidet Kit, and warm water on demand, for the Ultimate Handheld Bidet Experience!

A fresh new solution in handheld bidet design and function….  its premium solid brass construction, ergonomic nylon handle, patented “J” nozzle, and ease of use with any style toilet, and multiple functions, put it in a class by itself.

     You may have noticed most handheld bidets look like kitchen sink dish sprayers,  with a bulky metal shower hose. Imagine trying to hold one of those under you while sitting on the toilet, and trying to push a button to spray off without splashing water all over. The long nozzle allows you to easily place the tip precisely where you need it, for a soothing jet of water, with less splash!

The patented HydraWand “J” nozzle is a radical design departure from other handheld bidets. It easily slips down into the bowl from the front , side, or back, while sitting on the toilet, with the easy to hold handle and trigger above the seat.  The ergonomically designed handle and trigger valve, allows precise control of the fountain, from a trickle, to a jet that will shoot 2 ft. high.  Click “Our Secret” on the ABOUT menu to learn how to use the Hydrawand for the safest, non-invasive enema or douche possible.  The HydraWand performs all these functions better, cleaner, and safer from germs, than ANY bidet of any type, including the silly 5K dollar ones with remotes.  Pure superior function! THAT is what makes HydraWand the Ultimate Bidet, AND Ultimate Hand-held bidet, bar none. (Click on our COMPARE page to see how yours stands up.)

The HydraWand and its accessories are not plastic, but polished chrome, machined from solid brass, with a nylon handle. It is designed to easily connect to a shower, a sink faucet, the cold water inlet of your toilet tank, or our thermostatic mixing valve that delivers warm water on demand. It’s patented reinforced high pressure hose and reusable fittings, are unique in the market, and can be adjusted to any length, to best suit your installation.