Hydrawand Bidet Faucet Diverter Installation

1. Remove the faucet aerator nozzle with a small pair of channel-lock pliers. Remember that to unscrew the aerator; the motion would be from right to left. Or, Clockwise if viewing the aerator from the top.  In a pinch, a few wraps of tape will often give you enough grip to twist it off without pliers.

2. Pick the correct size adapter and screw it into the faucet.  Use the new washers when possible. Hand tighten only for easy removal.  A Coin can be used to remove the Adapter.  Note: We ship the Faucet Diverter with the most commonly used adapter already screwed into the top of the Diverter.

Bidet Hose Quick Connect Faucet

3. Make sure the washer is in place in the top of the Faucet Diverter and then screw it onto the adapter. Hand tight is sufficient. Screw the Female Qwik-Connect Coupling into the Hose End.  Use the supplied O-Ring if you do not have an 11 mm Allen wrench or large screwdriver to insert into the  Female Coupling Hex hole for tightening.

Bidet Hose Faucet Diverter

4.   Pull back on the White Ring and slide the Female Coupling  onto the male spigot.  Pushing forward on the Ring it locks it into place. (A dab of  KY or Vaseline will make it easier to slide on and off.)  Turn on the faucet and adjust the water temperature.  Simply turn the lever to divert the water to the hose or sink. Note:  Some newer types of faucets now have a decorative neck that is hollow, and may leak if left on more than a few minutes.

Our Diverter has a standard female 55/64-27 thread.   The Adapter used in the illustration is the 15/16 x 55/64 supplied.  Also supplied is a 13/16.  Other sizes including  3/4 and Metric 22,24 are available at your local Home Depot in the aerator replacement section. You may have to call your faucet manufacturer for a special 55/64 adapter if you have high end designer faucet.