Compare the Hydrawand to your current Bidet

We challenge you to compare the HydraWand to any other bidet, regardless of style or price.  Its innovative design, quality construction, ease of use, and multiple functions really put it in a class by itself.  Compare the four most important features of the HydraWand to any other bidet in the world, and see how yours holds up. 1. Its patented “J” nozzle is not only more convenient, and keeps your hands high and dry, but has more functions like a mini-douche or mini-enema. 2. Its ergonomic handle and trigger is more comfortable and allows precision control of the flow. 3. Its patented hose is smaller, higher pressure, and has home repairable connections that allow you to adjust the hose to any length. 4. And last but not least, it’s just made better. Its high quality brass valve and unbreakable nylon handle is designed to withstand years and years of daily use.

What about those expensive electric bidet toilet seats, and the one piece Toilet/Bidet Combination units like the TOTO?  Surely, a $5,000.00 bidet is better, right?   

I have to admit, I attend trade shows, and those expensive bidet toilets look beautiful on the showroom floor, and claim a variety of functions, with LED lights, wireless remotes and warm air, and even music.  BUT I JUST SMILE….the HydraWand just works better and here are the main reasons:  1. SERIOUSLY, isn’t a toilet hard enough to keep clean as it is? I have to scrub the bowl and the rim of my toilet with pumice and cleanser constantly to keep it sanitary! Therefore, does it make sense to put a big plastic seat, with electric connections, cords, and a remote control, in the hardest to keep clean area of your bathroom?   2. ALL of these expensive bidet toilets locate the cleaning nozzle in the most bacteria prone area of the toilet bowl. The rim of the toilet! No matter how it’s designed to telescope in and out, or how much it costs, its water nozzle is still located in the dirtiest area of the bathroom, and trying to keep all that clean and sanitary has to be a job!
For that reason, the HydraWand was designed to conveniently hang out of the way, away from the toilet, staying dry, sanitary, and bacteria free.
3. We have also noticed, that some of these seats claim to have enema and bidet functions. They can call it what they want, but comparing their tiny little jet of water shooting out from the rim of the toilet bowl, to the douche and enema functions of the powerful HydraWand fountain, is laughable. You can effortlessly place the patented HW nozzle at the entrance of the vagina or anus, to perform a non-invasive mini-douche or mini-enema that is far, far, far, far, far more pleasurable and superior to even the most expensive of the lot, which have a spray that is the equivalent of a squirt gun.

Easy To Use

So easy to slip behind you, or between your legs, and place the warm fountain of water exactly where you need it!

Ergonomic Handle

The ergonomic handle is so comfortable, and easy to grip, and the trigger offers effortless control.