Hello from Hydrawand CEO M.C. Taylor

As you may have noticed the Hydrawand is new on the market, and  I think its simple, but unique design, and multiple functions really set it apart from all other bidets.
I continually attend trade shows, and review and test products and materials, in my quest to keep the Hydrawand and its accessories,  the finest quality, bar none.
We sell ONLY the HydraWand, and will never carry or offer for sale on our website, any other type of bidet,  I can not in good conscience, offer something for sale I consider inferior, and would not use myself, at any price. 

I worked my way thru college roughnecking on drilling rigs,  so I appreciate tough stuff.   I am the number one crash test dummy, and if I can break it, we don’t use it. 

We have a new Qwik-Connect Hose connector, and it is now included FREE with our Faucet Diverter Model.

After receiving requests from several customers, I designed Metal Shower Hose Adapter, that allows you to connect a standard metal shower hose to the Hydrawand.  This is handy if you like switch out your hand shower head, and use the Hydrawand in the shower.   It is now available on the Accessories page.

We have added  a beautiful new Vanity Valve for our Under Sink Kit. Mount it on the side of your vanity next to your toilet for instant warm water with any bidet.