The HydraWand isa fresh new solution inbidet design, and without a doubt, the most convenient and easy to use bidet in the world.It sets a new standard in bidet construction, design and functionality, and really makes all other bidets obsolete.The HydraWand system works so well, it really takes hygiene and health to a new level.

The design of the long ā€œJā€ shaped Hydrawand nozzle makes cleansing with a bidet much easier and more convenient for the Disabled,the Handicapped, Bariatric Patients, and those withLimited Mobility or Recent Surgery.

Health Caregivers will love the Hydrawand, because the long nozzle is easier to use than conventional bidets, and helps keep their hands away from hazardous fluids when washing a patient.

Bariatric Patients tell us they love the extra reach of the long nozzle, becasue they can now maintain their hygiene without any assistance.
For bed ridden patients, the HydraWand can be attached to a bathroom faucet and fitted with a long hose of any length desired. Its precise trigger control allows a thorough cleansing without over spray or wasting water, and easy rinsing of bedpans.