The HydraWand Handheld Bidet concept was created by my father,  Leonard “Cam” Taylor.  He was one of those heroes, of the “Greatest Generation”.  Born in 1925, he enlisted in the Marines, and fought at Iwo Jima, and Okinawa.  After the war he began a career in the oilfields, Meeting my mother Wanda, in Seminole Oklahoma, and celebrating their 65th anniversary before he passed.  An innovator in oilfield trouble shooting, He was the greatest oil well fishing-tool man, I have ever met, or heard about.  His work, saving multimillion dollar oil wells with downhole problems, in charge of the site operations 24 hrs. a day, sometimes going a week with no more than a few hours of sleep at a time, did take a toll on his digestive system.  After experimenting with every kind of bidet and device on the market, he found that water pressure directed up the anal cavity, not only cleansed the bacteria up inside rectum, but relieved his hemorrhoids symptoms completely, because he no longer had to strain when going to the bathroom.

     He finally convinced me that no bidet currently on the market could fulfill his needs, and enlisted my help to design one.  My solution was the Hydrawand. We spent quite a bit of our own money getting it to market, not just for himself, or because he was convinced it would make a lot of money, but because he KNEW, it would help a lot of people that were disabled or had health issues. At least once a month I get a call or email from someone with a disability or health issue, thanking me for inventing this, and confirming what he said. It is a great legacy, when you leave the world a better place than you found it, and he did so in so many ways. 

My job now is just to make sure the quality is premium, and keep it going for those yet to discover its benefits. 

Thank You for being interested enough to read about us.