Thermostatic Valve Installation Procedure 1

  1. Locate the Hot and Cold water angle valves under your sink. Turn on the hot water to verify which valve begins to feel hot and mark it with an “H”.
  2. Turn off both valves, disconnect the flexible water lines at the valves, and install supplied 3/8 T’s.
  3. The 3/8” Compression T’s are shown installed in the above picture. ( If the T does not fit, then you have either a 7/16” or 1/2 inch outlet on your valve, and you must either change out the valve or buy new Tees with a 3/8″ center outlet to fit your Valve.
  4. After the T’s are installed, connect the two 18” hoses to the side outlets of the T’s.
  5. Loosely connect the two supply hoses, hold the bracket against the wall, and mark the drill holes for mounting the bracket. If your water inlet valves are spread wide, a longer hose may be needed on one side.
  6. Mark which valve inlet is Hot before mounting the valve, so it’s easier to identify which hose goes where, after you secure it in place.  Tighten hose connections. (snug but do not over torque since they all have rubber washers.)
  7. Locate a spot next to your toilet, on the side or top of your vanity cabinet, to mount the  1/4 turn Shutoff valve.  (Be sure you can route the 30 inch stainless hose from the Mixing valve to the Shut-off Valve without interfering with any drawers or shelves.)
  8. Drill a ¾ or 7/8 inch hole, and insert the short brass nipple, mount the wall mount shut-off valve, (with or without the trim ring) and secure it with the washer and lock ring. The nipple has a Hex hole on one end, for ½ “ Allen wrench backup if needed.
  9. Attach the 30 inch hose to the brass nipple, and the Thermostatic Mixing Valve outlet.
  10. Attach the Hydrawand bidet hose to the Wall Mount Valve outlet.
  11. Turn the water supply valves on, and check for leaks.
  12. Turn on the sink HOT water faucet until hot, and then adjust the temperature of the mixing valve to your preferred temperature. If your sink is far from your heater, you may have to turn the sink HOT water for 10-20 seconds to clear the cold water out of the line before using the bidet.

Note: Thermo mixer outlets are straight ½” pipe thread, made for Stainless flex hoses. Tapered F.I.P. fittings will only catch the first few threads and should not be used.