For the convenience of those just learning about bidets, we have compiled a list of the numerous benefits of bidet use, with the addition of several functions only the Hydrawand can effectively provide.

Hygiene:  Plain and simple….toilet  tissue leaves bacteria, and the potential for irritation and infection.  Moist towelettes, which have become very popular, are slightly better, but still not even half as good as rinsing with clean water.  Scents and inks in some tissues can also cause irritation.

Many women  find a quick “mini douche” with the Hydrawand  enhances their confidence, and  sexual pleasure. They report feeling more sexy and natural than after the use of a douche, containing perfumes and chemicals.  Aside from the cost and inconvenience of assembling disposable douche products.

Female  Hygiene & Urinary Tract Infection:   Doctors agree, the use of  a bidet helps prevent urinary tract infections caused by contamination of the urethra, associated with bacteria left over from toilet tissue. The HydraWand provides a fresh water wash and a degree of cleansing not achievable through the use of tissue or moist towelettes. Some feminine towelettes and deodorants with scents and chemicals may also irritate delicate female tissues.

Pregnancy and Postpartum Hygiene:
When a woman becomes pregnant,  the HydraWand, with its long nozzle, makes it much easier for intimate cleansing during the pregnancy, especially in the later months.   After giving birth, the new mother will love the soothing warm water of the Hydrawand fountain. Cleansing of the area instead of wiping with tissue, promotes healing during the recovery period.  The Wand can even be used for rinsing baby and diapers over the toilet.

Constipation, Hemorrhoids, and Relief after Surgery:
The upward fountain of water provided by the HydraWand J-Nozzle, serves to relax the internal and external  muscles controlling the anus, thus allowing water to coat the walls of the rectum, and the feces to be more easily passed without straining.  ( A must, after a related surgery.)   A 2-3 second application of direct warm water flow into the anus will almost always initiate an immediate and painless bowel movement. Placing the Hydrawand nozzle tip next to the anus, and slowly increasing the water pressure with the trigger valve allows the water to penetrate much in the same way as an enema, without the painful insertion of a long plastic nozzle.   Hemorrhoid sufferers call it a “game changer.”  We call it the “Hydrawand Non-Invasive Mini Enema”, which leaves you feeling clean and bacteria free, inside and outside.

Frequent trips to the toilet and wiping with tissue causes irritation of the anus due to the bacteria left behind.  The HydraWand’s cleansing fountain flushes away the acidic fluids and bacteria, so that one can simply pat dry with soft tissue or a soft towel.  (or pamper yourself with warm air from a hair dryer) This eliminates discomfort caused by constant wiping, in even the worst cases. Using the Hydrawand as a non-invasive enema to rinse the runny, acidic residue up in the rectum, will also reduce the frequency of trips to the toilet, and  recovery.

Hydrawand for the  Disabled, Bariatric patients, those with Handicaps, Limited Mobility and Health Care Workers:
The design of the long “J” shaped Hydrawand nozzle makes cleansing with a bidet much easier and more convenient for the Disabled, Bariatric Patients, and those with limited mobility. Health Caregivers will love the Hydrawand, because the long nozzle, and trigger control makes the job easier, and helps keep their hands away from hazardous fluids when washing a patient.

For bed ridden patients, the HydraWand can be attached to a bathroom faucet and fitted with a long hose of any length desired. Its precise trigger control allows a thorough cleansing without over spray or wasting water, and easy rinsing of bedpans.