The HydraWand handheld bidet is a fresh new solution in bidet design. It sets a new standard in handheld bidet construction, ergonomics, cleanliness, and especially multifunctionality.  It is actually a healthy new lifestyle, which can help prevent a myriad of gastrointestinal problems. Why? Cleansing BEFORE, and AFTER, inside and out:

Millions of people suffer health issues like hemorrhoids, Crohn’s Disease, Colitis, cancer, and other diseases, that could be caused by sitting on the toilet daily and straining too hard to relieve themselves.  Expelling firm, large, or even messy soft stools can injure your system. The Wand eliminates that strain. A simple 2 second flow of water that goes up into the anal cavity, coating the stool with water, helping to expel it with zero strain and no smell.  A quick second rinse, and the colon and anus are clean and bacteria free. Simple!  I get emails from people all the time, with severe health issues, thanking me for marketing the Wand, and wishing they had found it years before their problems started.

Think of the savings in toilet paper alone. Using only a few squares to pat dry,  instead of unrolling 3 to 5 ft. of tissue for wiping.  (And still not feeling really clean up inside).  Now you can afford the most expensive, softest tissue!

A recent health article was advocating places that do colon cleansing, and coffee enemas.  The Wand provides daily access to  healthy, non-invasive enema, with no chemicals, or plastic nozzles that must be inserted. Yet most people have to be talked into even trying it for the first time! 

The design of the long “J” shaped Hydrawand nozzle makes cleansing with a bidet much easier and more convenient for the Disabled, the Handicapped, Bariatric Patients, and those with Limited Mobility or Recent Surgery.

Health Caregivers will love the Hydrawand, because the long nozzle is easier to use than conventional bidets, and helps keep their hands away from hazardous fluids when washing a patient.