Our Secret is…

The HydraWand bidet will enhance Your love-life like no other bidet in the world!

     I know that sounds outlandish, but who doesn’t want their lover to think of their body  as a “wonderland” to explore, that smells wonderful?  The Wand is designed to  be used for a quick,  non-invasive “mini-enema” or “mini-douche”, so even on the spur of the moment,  it only takes a few seconds, to freshen up.  Experience that extra confidence of  knowing you smell great outside and inside!  Feeling sexy and healthy about your hygiene  has never been so easy.  

IN FACT…THE REAL SECRET IS …..THAT THE HYDRAWAND IS THE ONLY BIDET  DESIGNED TO  BE USED BEFORE YOU GO.  Less fuss, less time, less mess, less smell, less cleanup, less tissue. 

That’s right! Instead of a lot of washing and wiping afterwards,  sit down on the toilet, slip the nozzle down, place the  tip  next to the anus. Press the trigger and the warm water will gently flow up inside you coating the stool. And, hard or soft, everything slips right out, with no smell, (because of the film of water surrounding it.)  It’s more effective, and less dangerous, than pushing a hard plastic enema nozzle up inside, (especially for children).    We call it a “non-invasive mini enema.” You’ll be on your way in seconds, feeling cleaner and more refreshed than if you had a bath. It’s basically a healthier, new lifestyle.

LADIES…the Hydrawand is a great option to assembling expensive, awkward disposable douches, with embarrassing scents of perfumes or chemicals.   You don’t need a long plastic nozzle, press  precise Hydrawand trigger, and a soothing fountain of water will flow up inside you, for a thorough yet gentle wash. It will leave you feeling naturally clean,  and confident, in just a few seconds!

With its precise trigger valve, the Hydrawand can deliver a tiny trickle of water, or a powerful fountain,  for cleansing just the way you like it.  After use, hold it over the bowl a second, for water in the tip to drain out, wipe it with a tissue, and the stainless steel tip hangs away from the toilet, dry and sterile.