Our Secret is…

The HydraWand bidet will enhance Your love-life like no other bidet in the world

The Hydrawand bidet is unique among all other bidets, because in addition to washing your posterior,  it is designed to also be used for a quick,  non-invasive “mini-enema” or “mini-douche”.   Even on the spur of the moment, you can experience that extra confidence of  knowing you smell great and are  clean outside and inside!  Feeling sexy and confident about your hygiene  has never been so easy.  (And healthy.)


That’s right!  Does it make sense to sit down and push and strain, take all kinds of supplements, and then use a half roll of tissue to try to wipe off the mess?      Sit down on the toilet, slip the  Hydrawand nozzle down in the bowl, and place the  tip right next to your anus. Pull the trigger and the warm water will gently flow up inside you.  It coats the stool completely,  you go immediately with no strain, and the film of water  kills the smell, so you won’t be embarrassed when you open the door.   We call it a “non-invasive mini enema.” You”ll be on your way in minutes, feeling cleaner and more refreshed than you can imagine.    It is basically a healthy new lifestyle that can help prevent many of the lower intestine and anal tract problems so many suffer with!

LADIES……with the Hydrawand hanging in your bathroom, you are never more than a few seconds away from feeling wonderfully refreshed and confident. The slim HydraWand nozzle allows you to quickly and easily place the tip exactly where you need it. For a quick non-invasive “mini-douche”, simply place the tip next to you, pull the trigger, and the soothing fountain of water will flow up inside you, for a thorough yet gentle wash. It will leave you feeling naturally clean,  and confident, without the scent of the perfumes and chemicals found in expensive disposable douches.  Forget assembling  awkward disposable douches and ruining the mood.

GUYS….even if you  shower before an evening out with your lady,  USE THE WAND!.  Don’t take a chance on  internal residue leaving a skid-mark or worse,  the  traces of odor that wiping with toilet paper leaves behind.

With its precise trigger valve, the Hydrawand can deliver a tiny trickle of water, or a powerful fountain,  for cleansing just the way you like it.  Order yours today, and experience a healthy new lifestyle!