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Joe E Grueter
This is a great product. I learned about bidets about three years ago while remodeling a client’s income property. I ask my plumber and he says they are very common in Asian homes. At that time everything online was in the hundreds of dollars so I let it rest. Recently we put in a few bidets for clients in the $600+ range. This perked my interest and so I looked on line and found the Biffy for $99.95 which is a nice bidet to get the family use to one. Wanting to put one in my cabana and at my office I again looked online to see other brands and found the Hydra Wand. The Hydra Wand surpasses all other bidets in every way. For a few dollars less than the Biffy you get a very versatile, comfortable, and easy to use bidet. You’ll find with the Hydra Wand you be able to do a more personal external cleaning like no other bidet can come close to. And if you care to, with a little more aggressive routine a colonic irrigation or enema can be very comfortable, clean, and as often as you wish. I am buying two more.

Marcia Z.-
I used this product while i was pregnant and found it to be so simple and easy to stay safe and clean with this device. i recomment the hydrawand to any pregnant or non pregnant; as my son is now 8 months old now and i still use it keep myself nice and fresh. it comortable, clean, and best of all quick. also our newborn son loves a quick rinse of after an accident. I love my Hydrawand!

Willie Searcy
I have the Hydrawand and really like it, and it is well made. I would like to install the thermostatic mixing valve. Overall, you have a really great product that makes life easier for a person that has arthritis in wrist and shoulder (thanks to Agent Orange). PROS Extremely high quality materials, ability to use hot water with the faucet diverter, Long reach and curved wand for easy cleaning, Long hose. CONS: Not as convenient as bidet built-in toilet seat, hook did not stick.

H. Fahmy
HI THERE, JUST GOT THE WAND, THE DESIGN IS GREAT! USED IT ON THE SINK ADAPTER, VERY NICE. Still waiting to try the toilet adapter, but just wanted to thank you.

H. Fahmy

Dennis and Pam H.
Michael, thank you for your well wishes. The surgery went well and Pam will probably come home Monday, that will give me time to get the mixing valve kit installed. The wand is perfect for our needs and the valve will make it even better.

William Marseglia
Michael, thank you for the info. I can’t believe I am save many dollars on TP. I can now buy more paper towels.

I bought one a few weeks back and &mounted it direct to stool outlet. It is fantastic. I am buying another for traveling.

M. Fitzpatrick
I am truly excited about using your product and will do everything in my power to spread the word about your amazing product. I think you should try to get your product in a movie scene, to make this new technology more in vogue, and make more people aware of this great alternative to self care and personal hygiene.

A. Beckwith
Initially I was interested more in the mixing valve kit than the Hydrawand itself, but that led me to your site, and when I saw the “J” wand and your copy, “all other bidets look like kitchen sink dish sprayers” really rang true, so I decided to buy both. Regards, A.

L. Esch
Wow, what a product! I hope the Hydrawand gets the attention it deserves. I sure had to use it several times last night…been sick and its not over yet. I’m anxious to get the warm water from the new thermostatic mixing valve you recommended!

Acer Rubrum
I recently bought this on eBay. I am terribly pleased with it. I looked long and hard to find cheaper hand-held bidets with all the same features that this one has, but couldn’t find anything to compare. I finally bit the bullet and spent the money for this one and I have to say, it is worth every dime.

hi, I just want to say that I really like your product, the bidet sprayer; I ordered two so far and will be ordering another when I get back to Massachusetts from Florida. It is much better than those seat bidet gadgets or the inbowl ones. The quality of the parts is perfect.

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