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Hydrawand Hose -1.00/ft


Reinforced High Pressure  Bidet Hose. Custom lengths from 1- 35 ft. @ 1.00 per ft.
Enter number of feet desired into the Add to Cart box by clicking the + or – sign next to the box.   (Does not include 1/2″ Hose Adapters)

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HydraWand Metal Shower Hose Adapter


The Hydrawand Shower Hose Adapter screws right onto the bottom of the Hydrawand Bidet handle, and allows you to use any metal or PVC shower hose you choose.

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Bidet Thermostatic Valve Kit


Under-Sink Bidet Mixing Valve Kit

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Delta U7500 Qwik-Snap Hose Connect

$86.30 $47.95

The Delta U7500 Quick Connect is made for your shower.  It comes with TWO male halves, so that 2 hand showers can be quickly changed out.  For instance, shower with one head, then snap on a bidet or different head to shampoo the dog.

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Faucet Diverter Travel Kit


  • Heavy Duty Chrome Plated Faucet Diverter
  • NEW HydraWand Qwik-Connect Hose Connector
  • 2 Aerator Thread Adapters
  • Velvet Travel Bag.
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One Piece Toilet T & Valve

$49.95 $24.95

Heavy Duty Brass Toilet-Tee and 1/4 Turn Ceramic Valve. This valve handle is easier to reach and the bidet hose faces down instead of towards the wall as with the one-piece T-Valve.

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Reusable Hose Adaptor


Hydrawand 1/2″ Hose Adapter. Connects the HW hose to the Hydrawand Faucet Diverter, the Toilet T-Valve, the Hydrawand Wall-Mount Valve, or any standard Shower neck or Shower Diverter.

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Hydrawand Toilet Tee


Heavy Duty Chrome Plated Brass Toilet Tee Connector, with Swivel Nut.

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