Reusable Hose Adaptor


Hydrawand 1/2″ Hose Adapter. Connects the HW hose to the Hydrawand Faucet Diverter, the Toilet T-Valve, the Hydrawand Wall-Mount Valve, or any standard Shower neck or Shower Diverter.


hydrawand hose end

Hydrawand Hose Adapter

The Hydrawand 1/2″ Hose Adapter is a heavy duty, high pressure hose adapter made specifically for the high pressure reinforced Hydrawand Hose. The hose and adapter have been pressure tested to a burst pressure of over 800 PSI. The 5/8 hose nut will unscrew from the Adapter allowing you to easily cut the hose to any length and reattach it. Connects the Hydrawand hose to the Faucet Diverter, Toilet T-Valve and Shower.
The adapters will also screw on to most handheld shower-heads, allowing you to make a custom length, easy to manage hose for washing pets, watering plants, etc.



The Hydrawand 1/2″ Hose Adapter is a heavy duty chrome plated brass reusable adapter. It allows you to cut your hose to any custom length, or cut out a damaged section, and easily reattach the adapter.
The Adapter OD is 15/16, and the Hose nut is 5/8″.

Because of precision tolerances, lubricating the hose and nut with a water base gel, like  KY, makes it much easier to assemble.       Note:  No need to over-tighten, just snug up the nut.  Use a 7/8″ end wrench for back up when removing the nut from the handle to prevent damage to the handle.


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