Faucet Diverter Travel Kit


Kit includes:

  • Heavy Duty Chrome Plated Faucet Diverter
  • NEW HydraWand Qwik-Connect Hose Connector
  • 2 Aerator Thread Adapters
  • Velvet Travel Bag.


The Hydrawand Faucet Diverter has a standard 1/2″ shower hose outlet,  which allows you to connect your Hydrawand (or any standard shower hose) to a sink faucet.   Simply  adjust the water temperature to your preference, then flip the lever to divert the water from the sink to the bidet.  Kit includes velvet travel bag, 2 different thread adapters to fit most faucets, and the Heavy Duty chrome plated Faucet Diverter.

NEW!  We now include for FREE, our exclusive  new Qwik-Connect Hose connector,  which makes it easy to remove the hose and bidet for discreet storage,  while leaving the diverter in place for added convenience.   Simply pull back on the white plastic sleeve, and push it onto the Diverter spout.


Our Faucet Diverter and Qwik-Connect are solid chrome plated brass. The Qwik-Connect has standard shower hose threads,  so it will work with all hand shower hoses.   The  female Sleeve section has an internal HEX hole  (patent pending) so an Allen wrench can be used to tighten or unscrew it.

The Diverter has standard 55/64-27 aerator threads.  Included are a 15/16 x 55/64 adapter and a 13/16 x 55/64 adapter.  Metric and other size adapters are available at the Home Depot Aerator replacement section.
Caution:  Do not over-tighten the Diverter to the faucet.  The threads are fine (27 threads per inch) and can be easily stripped.  It is better to have a drip over the sink drain, and leave the thread adapter easy to remove.


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