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Connect it to your sink, toilet, or shower….or spoil yourself with our Thermostatic Mixer and warm water on demand for the Ultimate Bidet experience!

A fresh new solution in bidet design and function….  its premium construction, ease of use with any style toilet, ergonomic styling, and multiple functions, put it in a class by itself.

The innovative, yet simple, design of the new HydraWand has  really made all other bidets obsolete.  Notice  for instance, all other handheld bidets basically look the same…..they look like kitchen sink dish sprayers, and usually have the ON button right behind the spray nozzle. Imagine trying to hold one of those under you while sitting on the toilet, with its bulky hose attached, and spray off, without water splashing everywhere.toilet_pic_hydrawand The patented HydraWand “J” nozzle is a radical design departure from that old European standard. It easily slips down into the bowl from the front , side, or back, while you are sitting, allowing you to place the nozzle tip exactly where you need it, while the easy to hold handle and trigger are above the seat!
It actually takes less time and effort to cleanse with the Hydrawand, and feel really clean, than going through the unhealthy process of using tissue. And lets be honest, even numerous repeated wipes with the best tissue, will never remove as much bacteria as a few seconds of clean running water.
Buttwass- hydarawand
The HydraWand and its accessories are not chrome plated plastic, but machined from solid brass.
It is designed to easily connect to a shower, a sink faucet, the cold water inlet of your toilet tank, or our thermostatic mixing valve that delivers warm water on demand.
It’s patented reinforced high pressure hose and reusable fittings, are unique in the market, and can be adjusted to any length, to best suit your installation.
The ergonomically designed handle, and precise trigger valve make it the most comfortable bidet to use ever!