One Piece Toilet T & Valve

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Heavy Duty Brass Toilet-Tee and 1/4 Turn Ceramic Valve. This valve handle is easier to reach and the bidet hose faces down instead of towards the wall as with the one-piece T-Valve.


Our heavy duty Chrome plated solid Brass Toilet-Tee has a  1/4 Turn Ceramic Valve.   A top swivel nut that allows easy installation and adjustment of direction.  The valve handle  design protrudes out further than our competitors ONE PIECE Toilet T-Valves, so it is much easier to reach when turning the water off and on after each use.  Also the bidet hose bib faces  conveniently down,  instead of sideways  pointing towards the back wall,  like  cheaper one-piece T-Valves. This setup also  has less restriction to allow the fastest tank refill time and most water pressure possible. Some one-piece Toilet Valves sold on eBay and other sites have restrictions and cause the toilet to refill slowly.



Heavy Duty Brass Toilet-Tee and 1/4 Turn Ceramic Valve. The Tee has a standard 7/8 swivel nut to connect to any toilet tank. Simply unscrew the tank inlet hose and insert the T-Valve, tighten it, and then reconnect the water supply hose to the bottom of the Tee. The valve bib  is a standard 1/2″ thread to fit most bidet and hand shower hoses.


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