Thermostatic Valve


Thermostatic Mixing Valve
This is the same anti-scald thermostatic mixing valve sold with our Undersink Mixing Valve Kit. Generally mounted under a sink, it delivers water to a bidet or faucet, at your preset temperature.


Mounted under the sink, this anti-scald thermostatic valve allows you to preset the water temperature flowing to your bidet or automatic faucet. Its anti-scald feature is so good, it will practically shut the Hot water flow down completely, if the cold is turned off or suddenly loses pressure.



Our Thermostatic Mixer Valve has 3 straight 1/2″ connections. The threads are not tapered, and are designed to be used with Stainless Mesh Hoses. A Iron Pipe Thread is tapered, and should not be used on this valve, as the FIP will only catch the first 3 threads of the connection, and may leak.

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