Deluxe Faucet Kit w/ Delta U7500 Qwik Connect

$89.95 $44.95

Deluxe Travel Kit    Includes the Hydrawand Solid Brass Faucet Diverter and the Delta U7500 Qwik-Snap Hose Connector.


This Deluxe Faucet Diverter Travel Kit comes with the Delta U7500 Qwick-Snap Hose connector. Carry your HW Bidet, this kit, and a small pair of Channel-Lok type pliers, and you can unscrew your hotel faucet aerator, screw in the diverter and snap on the hose in less than 2 minutes with a little practice.

Disclaimer:  We can not guarantee our diverter to fit all faucets.  On a recent trip to a deluxe hotel suite, the designer faucets had custom size aerators, and the shower was too far from the toilet to connect with our 9ft. hose. We were left with attaching our bidet with the toilet Tee, using only cold water.  So, if you love your Hydrawand you have to be prepared when traveling.



The Delta U7500 Quick Connector is from the  Alson’s Company’s Product Designs, which they recently bought, with an upgraded white rubber sleeve for a better grip.  It is the best Bathroom Quick connector on the market with a list price on Delta’s website of 62.00 plus tax.  It is covered with Delta’s lifetime warranty.  We sell it below our cost as a reward to our customers only.


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