HydraWand Metal Shower Hose Adapter


The Hydrawand Shower Hose Adapter screws right onto the bottom of the Hydrawand Bidet handle, and allows you to use any metal or PVC shower hose you choose.


After several requests, we have designed an adapter which will allow you to connect the Hydrawand directly to a standard hand-shower hose.   Although our Hydrawand Hose is hard to be for being soft, manageable, and easy to cut to any length, we understand some customers want an easy way to connect the Wand in the shower.    Our Shower Hose Adapter  allows you to unscrew your handheld shower and attach the Wand in seconds.


The Shower Hose Adapter is made of chrome plated brass.  Simply slip the included O-Ring over the Wand hose barb, and screw on the Adapter.  You can then connect any standard 1/2 inch shower hose.


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