Delta U7500 Qwik-Snap Hose Connect

$62.95 $38.95

Turn your Faucet Diverter into a DELUXE TRAVEL KIT with this bidet hose Qwik Connect made by DELTA!
The Qwik-Snap Hose Connect works perfectly with the Hydrawand Faucet Diverter and Hydrawand Hose.  With this adapter, you can easily setup and disconnect your bidet to most hotel faucets when traveling, or quickly disconnect your bidet for storage out of sight at home, when not in use. $38.95


The Delta Qwik-Snap Hose Connector is the perfect mate for the Hydrawand Faucet Diverter, and makes traveling with your Hydrawand, or disconnecting it after every use at home, a Snap!  To connect:  simply hold the Qwik Connector by the grey sleeve, and push onto the male adapter to snap into place.  To release:  simply pull on the grey sleeve. (Make sure the water is turned off first.)

The Delta U7500 is without a doubt one of the finest  hand-shower hose or bidet-shower hose connectors on the market, and comes with Delta’s Lifetime Warranty.  Its list price on the Delta website is 65.00 and we sell it at cost to our customers.



The Hydrawand Qwik-Snap comes with TWO standard 1/2″ male adapters so different shower heads or bidets  can easily be changed out to the Female hose end.


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