Delta U7500 Qwik-Snap Hose Connect

$62.95 $31.95

The Delta U7500 Quick Connect is made for your shower.  It comes with TWO male halves, so that 2 hand showers can be quickly changed out.  For instance, shower with one head, then snap on a bidet or different head to shampoo the dog. $31.95


The Delta Qwik-Snap Hose Connector is without doubt one of the finest shower hose Quick Connects on the Market, with a lifetime warranty from Delta.  The main difference between the Hydrawand Qwik-Connect and the Delta is that it comes with TWO male connectors, so you can quickly switch out shower heads in the shower.  (one for cleaning the dog, one for you).  

Its list price on the Delta website is 65.00 and we sell it at cost to our customers.



The Hydrawand Qwik-Snap comes with TWO standard 1/2″ male adapters.To connect:  simply hold the Qwik Connector by the grey sleeve, and push onto the male adapter to snap into place.  To release:  simply pull on the grey sleeve. (Make sure the water is turned off first.)


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