Hydrawand Toilet T Model

$129.95 $94.95

HydraWand Toilet T-Valve Model


  • HydraWand Bidet
  • Toilet T-Valve
  •  9 ft. Hose
  •  3M Hanger Hook
  • Repairable 1/2″ hose Connector


The Hydrawand Toilet T-Valve Model comes with our one-piece Tee and Valve that connects between your existing supply hose and Toilet Tank.

Constructed of high quality, heavy chrome plated brass, the valve has a 1/4 turn ceramic cartridge to quickly shut off the water to the bidet without having to turn off the water to the toilet.

It doesn’t matter what size or type of water supply valve you have for your toilet, since the T connects between the toilet tank and the supply hose, the T-Valve fits all toilets.

Our  T-Valve is an upgrade over the one-piece valve offered with most bidet sets.   The  Valve Handle protrudes slightly further out from under the toilet tank, for easier access, and the  bidet hose  points down instead of sideways towards the toilet wall, for a better fit in tight locations.  Since our Tee has its valve located away from the Tee section, it has no restriction in its tube,  for fast refill on your tank after flushing.



ALL HydraWand Bidet Components are all made of heavy chrome plated brass.  We do not use any plastic parts.  The Hydrawand bidet has a polished stainless steel nozzle, solid brass valve body, and unbreakable nylon trigger and handle.  The double reinforced Hydrawand hose has been tested to over 600 PSI burst, and the high pressure home repairable fittings are chrome plated brass. The Hydrawand Bidet is 100 % made in USA and backed by a 3 year warranty.  Some accessories are imported and assembled in USA.  Check the Warranty page for details.


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