Hydrawand Basic Model


$109.95 $89.95

HydraWand Handheld Bidet with 1/2″ Adapter

1. The Hydrawand Handheld Bidet
2. The 1/2″ Hose Adapter. (fits standard shower neck)
3. One 3M Command Hanger Hook
4. 9 ft. of HydraWand High Pressure Hose


The Hydrawand Basic Model is  for those who wish to use the Hydrawand with a Shower Diverter (shown in the picture above) or with our  new Undersink Mixing Valve Kit.    It comes only with a  9 ft. Hose and the  1/2″  HW hose Adapter ( Red Circle).
The  1/2″ Adapter is “home repairable”, so you can adjust the hose to any length.
If you require a hose longer than 9 feet, to reach from your shower to your toilet,  simply add the number of  extra feet required on the hose order form and add to your cart.
If you wish to purchase a handheld shower Diverter Valve like the one shown in the picture above,  they are sold at Home Depot  for around 15 dollars.  The diverter goes in between your shower head and shower neck, and allows you to change the water flow from the shower head to the bidet with  the push of the top button.

The hose adapter fits any standard 1/2″ shower neck, and all HW accessories.

Hose Repair Instructions:  The rugged hose connections used on the Hydrawand Adapter require two adjustable wrenches, (or end wrenches size 15/16 and 16mm”) and is secure as soon as the hose nut touches the base.  No need to over-tighten. The reusable connectors make it easy to change the hose length, or replace or repair a hose in only a few minutes, without purchasing a complete new hose.


HydraWand Bidet Components are all made of heavy chrome plated brass.  We do not use any plastic parts.  The Hydrawand bidet has a polished stainless steel nozzle, solid brass valve body, and unbreakable nylon trigger and handle.  The double reinforced Hydrawand hose has been tested to over 800 PSI burst, and the high pressure fittings are chrome plated brass. The Hydrawand Bidet is 100 % made in USA and backed by a 3 year warranty.  Some accessories are imported and assembled in USA.

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