Hydrawand News

Hello from CEO Michael Taylor.

As you may have noticed the Hydrawand is new on the market, and  I think its simple, but unique design, and multiple functions really set it apart from all other bidets.
I continually attend trade shows, and review and test products and materials, in my quest to keep the Hydrawand and its accessories,  the finest quality, bar none.
Although I  endeavor to carry the highest quality accessories for the HydraWand, and consider suggested improvements, we will never carry or offer for sale on our website, any other type of bidet for profit.  I just can not in good conscience, offer something for sale I consider inferior, and would not use myself.  I worked my way thru college roughnecking on drilling rigs,  so I appreciate tough stuff.   I am the A number one test and crash dummy, and if I can break it, we don’t use it. *grin*
If you think you have found a better bidet, or have any suggestions for improvement, drop us an email and I will review  it.

OIL RIG JOKE:  A psychologist was doing research on  the typical tough and resourceful American Oil worker, and how they had helped make the USA a world leader in oil and gas exploration.  For one of his research experiments, he contacted the toolpusher (foreman) on an offshore Drilling Rig, and asked him to give his prize roughneck 3 steel ball bearings, and report back to him what he did with them.  The toolpusher later informed him, that at the end of the first day, the Roughneck had lost one, broke one, and was trying to steal the last one by taking it home in his lunch bucket.

We have filed a patent on a Quick-Connect for our Faucet Diverter Model, and it will become standard issue the last week of AUGUST.

We currently offer a Deluxe Travel Kit, with the Delta U7500 Qwik-Snap hose connect,  a very fine design, from Delta’s acquisition of Alson’s Shower Products.  However, it is very expensive, and we sell it at cost to our  bidet customers. (which means we take loss on it)  Our new Hydrawand Qwik Connect will make our Faucet Diverter setup the best on the market at a great price.