Bidet Thermostatic Valve Kit


Under-Sink Bidet Mixing Valve Kit


Our Undersink Bidet Mixing Valve Kit mounts a Thermostatic  Bidet Mixer Valve out of sight under your sink basin, and attaches it to the hot and cold water supply valves. A stainless steel hose is then run inside your vanity cabinet to our attractive Vanity Side Mount shut-off valve, which is mounted close to the toilet on the side or top of your vanity. (As shown in  Gallery pictures.)
The mixer provides warm water for the bidet, preset to your desired temperature. The Thermostatic valve eliminates any danger of scalding if the cold water supply is suddenly interrupted.

The Under-Sink Thermostatic Valve Kit represents a significant investment for any bathroom, but it is so pleasurable and convenient to have warm soothing water on demand, set at exactly the temperature you love, that we guarantee you will thank yourself for installing it every time you use the HydraWand!

Our beautiful new  Triangle Shaped Vanity Valve, easily  installs through a 3/4 inch hole placed on the side of your vanity,  makes it effortless to turn off the water to your bidet after  each use;  whereas most Toilet Valves are awkwardly located under the toilet tank.

NOTE: The New Triangle Shaped Vanity Valve shown in the last gallery picture, will NOT be available for shipping until May 02, 2018>


  •   Thermostatic Mixer Valve w/stainless steel mounting bracket  (100.00 Value)
  •   Polished Chrome, Solid Brass Ceramic 1/4 turn  Vanity Valve w/trim plate (50.00 Value)
  •   Special 1/2″ Washers and lock rings. 15.00 Value)
  •   Two Brasscraft 3/8F x  3/8M  x 3/8 M  Tees (15.00 Value)
  •   Two 16″, and One 30″ Stainless Mesh Hoses. (25.00 Value)


Order the HydraWand Basic Model with this Kit and get Expedited 3 Day Priority Shipping on both items for only 5.95.



Mixing Valve Installation

Mixing Valve Installation




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